Food Coma Fail

I was on my way to VPL when a truck that looked like this:

with menu looking like this:

caught my very attention. Of course it did! It’s the famous Coma Food Truck that has three flags imprinted on the vehicle which represents three totally different culinary culture: Korean -Mexican – American. Of course it made me wanting to try.. BUT later I found out that I left my wallet at my friend’s apartment. *le sigh*

I could see though, that it has interesting list of food on its menu. They have the Korean food like bibimbap and seaweed rolls and also the fusion food like Kimchi quesadilla and Korean BBQ Burritos. I want to try the last two! hmmm.. I wonder how would cheese and Korean BBQ or cheese and Kimchi taste like!! I will definitely write my opinion/review of it in the near future! At least my  food coma attempt has failed so I can focus on writing my paper *NOT* hahah..

Well until I got the chance to find it again, and I will make sure I have my wallet this time, I will leave you with the website where you can: like them on facebook, follow them on twitter, look at their complete list of menu AND find their location!

So here’s the link to Coma Food Truck Website:

Until Then


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