Refocus and Watch!

Florists will have so many favourite  flowers, but one flower look the most outstanding in her eyes.

Painter will love his paintings, but one painting will he adore and be his source of inspiration.

I watch too many Korean dramas and have a list of title that I could watch over and over again and recommend it to my friends or name the best 5 dramas, etc. But this one drama is.. more than a good drama

The title of it is All About Eve / 이브의 모든 것.

What does it make so special for me? Well… well… be prepared to read another tale of me =D.

But before that, let me give you a little summaryof the drama series.

This drama, just like its title, is telling a story of two eves: Sunmi and Youngmi. Each of them differ 180 degree in background and character. 

Sunmi/선미 is a bright and cheerful girl who comes from a well-off family. Although she only has her dad as her parent, she is blessed to have an aunt (whom her dad likes) and woojin who acts like a family to her. Woojing is just like a brother that Sunmi never had. He takes care and pay a close attention to Sunmi to the point that it makes Sunmi loves him more than what he could imagine.

On the other hand, Youngmi/영미 is a proud and hurt girl who comes from a broken home and an abusive father. She had to work hard to get money to support her life. By working hard, it means anything she can do.

Fate has brought these two young ladies together, sharing their closest friends and family members, and even dreams and ambitions.

Youngmi, jealous of Sunmi happy go lucky life, tried to steal Sunmi’s happiness and making it her own with every possible ways she could think of. She first got Woojin’s pity and care, which later on developed into love. Career wise, they are against each other, trying be in a position that is above the other one.

Frustrated with the whole rivalry, Sunmi takes a break by going to London to take an English program. There she meets  Hyongchul, a loyal customer of her aunt’s Korean restaurant. They become best friends, and Sunmi confides him with every details of pain that Youngmi has caused her. They slowly developed feelings for each other.

Back in Korea, Youngmi and Sunmi work at the same TV broadcasting company. Their rivalry continues on. Without Sunmi realizing, Hyongchul is also working with them, but as their big boss.


Comes to Youngmi and Sunmi’s life series of happy, sad both complicated and mysterious events. The story, of course, concludes in a happy ending. Well at least, for Sunmi and Hyongcul couple.

This drama shows the good in Sunmi and Evil in Youngmi. It teaches how good will wins in the end. But more than that, It shows how everyone has each character of both Youngmi and Sunmi in our inner self.

I can relate to this drama, since I’m hoping to work in a broadcasting company. It teaches me that to get there is not easy. There will always be somebody, if not yourself, that will be in my way. Working hard and being lucky is not an option. Be persistence and ambitious like Youngmi and be kind hearted and sincere but yet never giving up like Sunmi.

That is why; I watch this drama over and over again. It has been about 10 years or so now? =D when I need to refocus on my goals, I watch this drama as a motivator and reminder of what things wait for me. I even begged my mom to llow me to bring the original set of VCDs along with me to Vancouver  ;P

This drama also touched base with career and love dynamic. What really matters in the end of the day is what your heart says to you.

I also learn a lot from Sunmi and Woojin relationship. On this part, you gotta watch it on your own. =D

Anyways, please do watch this quite, but not too, oldy drama and interpret it with your on understanding and experience. If you would, share your thoughts on the comment below! =D

Oh I almost forget to mention.

Jang Dong Gun 장동건 has become my first favourite Korean actor ever since! And I still think that he’s the best!!!!! =D *nooo he’s not that old!!*

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