Joyce Hair Design

Last month I got my hair re-done. I’ve received compliments from quite a number of friends. Do you want to know where did I go?

It’s at the Joyce Hair Design. Well actually I got my hair done for Winny and Antonio’s wedding party by them. BUT, unlucky me all the pictures are gone with the wind. *sigh*. I was really happy with the hair do that the only guy hair stylist did to my hair. I went there again before last month, it was on Sunday and the Owners were there. They were supper kind and handing out peaches to everyone there.

It is located just by the Joyce Skytrain station in Vancouver, across the Kay Market and Sun Flower restaurant. It’s really closed by the skytrain! You can easily find the navy blue board that says it’s name loud and clear.

Walk in is welcomed. But I recommend you to make an appointment if you are going there on the weekends. The drawback is that you would have to be patient with the Korean-English. =)

Everyone there is nice! And I’m not being biased!a nd I really love the music they have in the store. I could just sing along while the unnies/oppa is doing my hair.

The price is affordable, compared to the one in downtown or even the Japanese one in metrotown. Before tips, I paid $25. My friend (guy) paid $17 before tips. That is one of the winning point for a broke student like me! kkkkk

If you go there one day and meet Lucia. Please say Hi from Meda, and tell her that you are there because of this blog post! =)

Joyce Hair Design

5156 Joyce St
Vancouver, BC V5R 4H1
Neighbourhood: Renfrew-Collingwood

(604) 451-7680


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