This is not an excuse

Hi all.. I just want to update you all with my personal life as it has affected my blogging routine.

First of all… I have been blessed with two interesting courses this semester. Unfortunately, just like any other communication courses, it requires a lot of readings and research paper writing. One of the course I’m taking has an at leasst of 150-200 pages to read per week! *phew*. There goes all my attentions….. not!! =D

Second of all… I have been skipping my Korean rituals (reason for that: copy paste the paragraph above ^^ kkk) . I have not been updated with the latest K-POP news nor catching up with the Korean dramas I have started to watch in early June *holy molly*.. AND I have skipped my language clubs activities countless time. I’m still learning tho! Still go on chatting with my friends in Korea using my messy Korean and stuffs. But I have not been able to go to Korean places in Vancouver.  😉 

On the bright side… Paper writing period is coming!! Knowing my self too well, I know that when I’m stuck with my research.. I’ll be updating my blog! =D So one or two will be posted up soon enough.

Well actually.. I’m writing this blog because I need to share this somehow:

My head has been filled with worries. At this very moment, as I’m writing this words by words, my dad is undergoing his second Chemotherapy. all this diagnosed, operation, and chemotherapy process happened too fast. My head and heart is filled with mixed emotions that could be running high on my days.

I’m glad that it was found quite early (although it has reached stage 3) and my dad still could be treated. But I’m super worry about my parents. Mom would have to go back and forth Jakarta-Singapore, or spend lonely nights at home. She has to take care of dad with smiles that cover her weary heart. Dad who forced himself to go to work and making sure that we are not worrying about his condition that much… *sigh* I hate that I could not be with them right there right now.

This and that, busy or not, stressful about one thing or the otherS, going out and having fun on each sunny day or not. This problem, that problem. This happened, that happened. That’s life! Sometimes it could make me to re-think my whole life and goal. It could veer me from my visions.

This is not an excuse for my lack of blog posts lately. But I just want to share that you may walk your dream but sometimes life can veer you away a little bit from the track. That’s OK. Don’t be panic. If it’s meant to be it will show its way back to you. Or at least I hope so! =)


Maybe you need a quality time with your heart and soul. Find a nice quite place to be on your own, untangling whatever knots you have in your head. A couple days ago, I went to Ambleside park. A beach in West Vancouver that took me an hour to get there. I had a solo picnic with Mc Donalds, David Choi’s songs, my loyal pen and book, and seagulls that never got tired trying to steal my fries! I had fun! The scenery and the breeze of sea *I ♥ the smell of the ocean!*, the alone time away from everything has helped me quite a bit! =) I hope after reading this you can find your own ways to talk to your honest heart! =)

With this said, I do hope that I can keep my promise and bring my focus back to my goals. I have no more spare times to think of any other things but family, school, and my oh-so-Korean goals (plus one project that is still a secret ^^)

People may not fully understand what is going on with your life. And that’s ok. Don’t forget to stand up tall for your self and for what you believe! No one ever said it’s going to be easy and not  after-all! 

Should your heart be weary… should you want to be strong… should you want to keep moving forward… Just kneel down and pray. There you’ll find the strength to carry on and to crawl back up. Or at least that’s how I find help! =D


until then



One thought on “This is not an excuse

  1. Kevin

    keep your goals in front of you. i know you are so hardworking and dedicated. even though you have things distracting you in every direction, you always complete your tasks. learn to enjoy it.


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