The 2011 JYJ World Tour – Vancouver: What Happened there

If you read my other 2 posts about JYJ 2011 concert in Vancouver, you would know How i got the VIP suite. This post will tell you about the how the JYJ in Vancouver concert went. *Remind me to post another blog about JYJ and their amazing talents and perseverances!*

Plus, I would like to let you know from the very start that this post will content my personal view and analysis.  =) So you don’t have to agree with what I say, but this is my reflection on what I experienced.

Around 7 pm, outside the Rogers Arena I could see several line-ups to get into the building. I could see the same girls earlier today, as promised, handing out the red glow-sticks. I got in around 7.40 ish. 


Never in my life I went to a big concert like this. I was not allowed to go to concerts. =D So I only went to David Choi, Chris Tomlin’ Passion world tour, and some Jazz collaborations performance. So pardon me when I got so hyper when I opened that VIP suite. There was couches, mini bar (all you can drink any beer/soda/wine/juice/water and all you can eat popcorn). And then there was it, the balcony where you watch the concert. In the suite, there were also 2 girls and a woman. Apparently this suite is given out for free to different companies in Vancouver. I can tell that the Mom was only escorting these two ladies because she looked bored and sleepy during the performance =)

Two girls in the same VIP Suite with me =)

The half-bowl Rogers Arena was started to be filled with JYJ fans. Not only Asians, I tell you! I saw quite a few other races with quite a range of ages. It’s filled with red glowing sticks. Good Job Cassiopeian! Well, it wasn’t completely full, but a lot of people came.


I took a pick at my ticket. It was printed on it that the show is on 8pm, but it started a little after 8.25. Guess you wanted to know how we long for JYJ, eh?! 😉 A while after, A video of a dance rehearsal was shown. I think it’s for the audiences to get familiarized with/to learn together for the song that was sung in the later half of the concert (t’was super fun): Be My Girl

It’s started now! YAAAYYY!! They sang songs from their album the beginning and music essay, mostly the dance song then some solo performances, cooling down with some ballad, then some more dance songs. In between songs that needed costume changes, they showed a couple of clip of JYJ. One intermission was filled in by the performances of  the dancers.

Ayy Girl

JYJ exhibited a variety of music which embrace different age groups and balance out the energy of the concert. They also showed great dancing and singing skills. Although their vocals and harmonizations could only be highlighted in the ballad songs, the level of stage act. the dance and the manifestation of honest emotions of each song performed  compromise it all.


What I saw and what I think about it

– As much as I enjoyed the show, The first half (the first few dance songs) was somewhat not as energetic and as confident as the later half. I don’t know whether it’s the sound system or sth else. Or maybe the costume? I like it when the concert were near the end when the wore the t-shirt and jeans. It looks cooler, and more awesome. The dancing also look more energetic. But than again it’s just my opinion =)

– The encore was kinda heart-warming in a cool way. One of the encore song was The song written by Jaejeong about a girlfriends who passed away: In Heaven

– All in All it was an awesome performances!!!!

My Reflection

-There was this one song I think it’s ‘Boy’s Letter‘?!. I could feel and understand a littler bit that it’s soooo saaaad. Talking about a friend/girl who has left for the heaven. I could see tears in Yoochun’s eyes (and the 2 others too). At this very moment I hated my education in communication so bad. Instead of appreciating the honest lyrics and expression through the emotions, I second guess all of the above as a stage. It gets worse since I know Yoochun is a good actor. *sigh* They might be tearing up because they were touched by the fans, because they were immersing them selves in the song, etc.. I’ll never know unless I ask.. haha! =)Still. I think it’s beautiful. But I was kinda surprised when everybody cheered afterwards. Ok I get it it’s a concert.. but still.. hahhaa.. What shocked me more is they performed an upbeat dance song right after with no break.. *sigh* emotions being swing back and forth… hahha.

-BUT ANYWAYS.. I believe when a musician is performing they’re own creation.. They have an emotional tie with the music that could never be copied by other singer. It’s the charm that JYJ have.

– Is it because of languages that the only said hello and how are you? It would’ve been nice if they would say one or two words before/after/about the song. That way, I think, would build more emotional connection with the audiences which would bring the song to another level of enjoyment. 

– They left with a deep bow to the audiences!

– dear JYJ: who in their right mind would not support such hardworking multi talented (they composed most of their song by them selves), determined people like the 3 of you.

We ♥♥♥ each and every one of you. You’re role models for those whose dreams are oppressed by situation.

– Awesome performance you had in Vancouver, could be better. but still in excellent level =) I expect more great things from you guys in the future! =)

The show ended around 10.11ish. IT’S TOO SHORT! shouted my drunk friend, Kevin *sigh*. But at least I had a great time and came home with a bunch of material for my term paper.

Yikes it’s 2.21 and I have to start early tomorow. That said, I will add, edit, upload pictures tomorrow.

Here’s a little goodies for you:

Disclaimer: I own all the pictures and video. Everything is taken by me. please don’t upload any of it on other site without my permission!

It felt like my goal and dream world is right in front of my eyes. I was seating there watching. So close but yet so far..What do you have in plan for me, Lord? I’m excited to experience it! =) ITYGFE

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