The 2011 JYJ World Tour – Vancouver: I’m GOING

   This post is related to my last post: why-you-so-expensive, and what happened 3 days after that…

I got a call yesterday from an aunt I know from my Indonesian Church community. I thought she was gonna ask me for some help with some events, or something like that. But instead, she told me that she got VIP tickets to the JYJ concert in Vancouver this Friday. Apparently the place where she works: Silver Wheaton Corp. often get free tickets for whatever is going on in Rogers Arena because of certain deals. Lucky for me, none of her acquaintances/colleagues know JYJ. Because she knows I’m into ‘Korean things’ she decided to give it to ME! =D

I was shocked but happy..a coincidence? It feels like God have been reading my blog after-all! My sister said it’s meant to be, I say it’s by the amazing grace! Thank you Tante Anni Dorius for making all this possible Now I can attend my very first K-POP concert and I will have an awesome term paper material! You can’t imagine how much this means to me =)

What next?

According to what I found in the internet *twitter*, the Cassiopeian will hand out glowsticks and temporary tatoos and they will also sell JYJ tees ($15) tomorrow

– 12 pm at the stadium/china town station

– 4 pm at Dunsmuir viaduct.

Because I still have radio show to attend, I might go to the 12 pm one! =)

After the concert, I’ll write the ‘review’ of it.. so wish me luck!!! =D

Update (pre-show):

What a gorgeous day! I went downtown to the Stadium Station to find the JYJ fans who helped out selling t-shirts. I went down the exit to the costco one but they weren’t there. I saw a girl who was also observing and looking around, so I kinda followed her. =) I went up to the platform which leads to TnT supermarket. Nope, they still couldn’t be found. so I braved my self and ask the girl if she was also looking for the same thing and she did! =) We went up another level and found these girls across the street!

Under the sun, wearing red JYJ t-shirts! looking Fab, girls! =)

What they did was distributing T-shirts which was purchased before hand. They also carried extra T-shirts. I posted a picture for you who will be looking for them this afternoon! Remember they will be around the dunsmuir viaduct: around the costco-rogers arena parking area

Announcement for those of you who’re going to tonight JYJ’s concert: They will be handing out the glow sticks for FREE around the Rogers Arena around 6pm. So make sure that you come early to find them! and also, we’ll be chanting the chorus of…. ah no I forgot!! >.< my bad! T_T

I Thank YOU God for Everything!!!

until then



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