Tuna Pancake

I bought a can of tuna a couple days ago. I didn’t know what to do with it.

canned tuna in grape oil

I thought of making tuna omelet/참치계란말이(chamchi gyeranmari)

But when I got home today, I found Maangchi (the Korean Cooking guru) just posted this video:

psst.. for those who don’t know who Maangchi is, She’s a  cooking guru on Youtube, specializing on Korean (and fusion) culinary. She has a channel, website and books which include recipes, cooking ingredients and methods which in my opinion are very easy to learn/follow. 

What a coincidence, eh?! Sooo.. I’m making tuna pancake/참치전(chamchijeon) tomorrow!!! yay! I’ll be posting the pictures and the complete recipe once I’ve succeeded  making it

Okay.. I ended up not making the Tuna Pancake “tomorrow” and my dearest camera’s memory couldn’t be transfered. *sigh*

so here is the Recipe:


– 1 can of Tuna

– 1 clove of garlic

– salt and peper

– cooking oil

– sesame oil

– Onion, chopped)

– flour

How to Make:

– drain the tuna from excess liquid from the can

– mix tuna, flour, chopped garlic and onion, sesame oil, salt and peper until the mix is not that runny.

– Heat the cooking oil on the pan

– place the mix on the pan, one spoon size per portion.

That’s all!! =D again.. thanks Maangchi 언니 for the recipe, and don’t forget to check out her other awesome recipes!! !!

My Tuna Pancake. It's yummy although I did not plate it artistically =P















Until then



2 thoughts on “Tuna Pancake

  1. kevin kwok

    Canned tuna has a lot of water. You may need to get rid of the water first or consider it in your mix so that it does not run too much.


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