Korean Indie Music Scene

2 weeks ago, a friend who is currently working with 우벤유 (우리 벤쿠버 유학생/Our Vancouver) came with me to the Jumbalaya show that I host every Friday.

I will give a little bit of background about woobenyu (우벤유). Woobenyu started as a online cafe (somewhat a facebook group, if you want to compare it to sth more familiar) that helps Korean students who are going to or already in Vancouver. They provides a lot of informations about housing, immigration, life style, etc. Over the years, they have grown into an agency the helps students to settle into the Vancouver life style. Its daum cafe is still famous for students in Korean for looking such information that I mentioned before, and for the Korean students here, woobenyu is the Mecca for those who are looking for jobs, share accommodation, used furniture, new clothes and accessories, etc. The downside is: if you don’t know Korean or how to join the on-line cafe (which can be considered pretty painful because you have to register for certain korean e-mail), you can’t understand what’s going on there. BUT not to worries my friends!,taking the words from my friend, woobenyu is now serving students outside of Korean nationality and they are now in the process of developing the site in English.

OK, so we’re back to what i wanted to tell you. *by now you prolly know that I get distracted easily! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ*

Yeah.. my friend came with me because she wanted to know how does the on-air radio kinda thing feel like. Because I don’t want her to just sit there and watch me for the full 1 hour, I asked her to prepare some music to air so we could talk about her work at woobenyu and also discuss the music she chose.

She picked Korean Indie Songs! =D *yeah that’s how I like it!!*. She picked Ra.D/라디(http://www.myspace.com/radh80 , http://realcollabo.com/artist/114) with I’m in Love and 10 CM (십센치) with Americano. In some ways, Ra.D is more known as his works is used and often sung by the idols in the popular-dance genre.  

I now discovered more names in the K-indie music scene: (psst.. for songs sample from the artist below, just copy paste each name to YouTube!)

–  커피소년/Coffe Boy http://www.iamcoffeeboy.com/

제이 레빗/J Rabbit

글렌체크/ Glen Check


가을 방학/Fall Break

I find K-indie music to be more refreshing and to have a better and a more meaningful lyrics. Not saying the Idol-songs are all bad tho! It’s just like how I love the west coast youtubers who compose more easy listening, easily related songs with acoustic feels to it. But the big question for me is: WHERE DO I GET THEIR MUSIC?! well.. I havent’ checked the itunes… but yeah.. If anyone knows where I could buy the digital album of these people, PLEASE let me know. I never agree with downloading indie artists’ music for free!! You gotta support their efforts and originality that hasn’t been tainted my commercial and profit driven ego! *agghh my Communications professor overtook me for just a sec there! hahah* Anyways. If you know more names in the K-Indie music and where to BUY their music, please let me know!

well well … until then.. xoxo


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