D-Choi Vancouver Show “Review?”

Hellow… how are y’all doing? as I have tweeted. I promised my self to be blogging more regularly after the David Choi Show. Promise is a promise!! =D

Disclaimer: I'm still in daze for two things: David Choi show aftermath and  very good news from my parents back home. Too much for a night. But I hope I can pull this off nice and neat. I hope the title I decided for this post is not a bad premonition *fingers crossed*. 

Okey dokey. hmm… where do I start? psstt.. I hope David Choi himself would read this *acting like a little fan girl*. psstt psstt.. OKEY here we go for real!

When I mentioned the name “David Choi“, this is the usual response that I got:


“Wait.. I’ve heard of him”

“Oh that Youtuber?”

Yep, sorry David.. apparently I’m hanging out with friends who don’t really follow Youtubers =/ But I’ll make sure they know your music! On that note, let me *briefly* Introduced Who he is, and how did I get to know this one guy from Youtube. If you know him already *hugs from ME* feel free to jump to the next.. (next.. next.. next and next) paragraph for my thoughts on his performance in Vancouver tonight yesterday *blogging a 1:53am so pardon any blabbering and irrational tings.haha *

David Choi is a singer/vloger/musician on Youtube. I was shown his video ‘Youtube the Love Song’ in 2006 by a friend named Yudha and has become a fan ever since. Back then, he’s known for the not-gonna-smile David and the image still lingers in my mind sometimes, although in 2008 he finally decided to reveal he smiled to the world wide web *YAY*. His journey or *if I may say* career in music grows bigger in these past few years . Lots of Ups and Downs *the time his YT account was suspended, Snoopy passing away* he go. And now he has 2 albums, so many covers and singles, music videos, more vlogs, his own website: http://www.davidchoimusic.com and merchandises, and all that stuffs. Most of all, he has his fans all over the world.

Aside from Westlife *which I adored in my teen days, got all the CD and VCD*, I can say David Choi is the first musician I really proclaim my self a fan to. WHY? because  I spent my time to watch *almost* every single videos he posted. From a video of him meeting his grandparents to the video of him eating Chick-fil-A…..

WAIT!!! why do I sound like a LG fan?! hmmm.. not a creep.. I promise.. I can explain everything.. =D

The reason why I watched/and still will watch those videos is because those videos contain the charm of Youtube, which  in my opinion has brought many individuals to their popularity today. It’s Personal. You get to engage with the artists that you love. Say.. whether it’s KevJumba, Ryan NigaHiga, Wong Fu Production, Arden Cho, AJ Rafael, Clara Chung, Jason Chen, Cathy, Jensuki,Victor Kim, JR Aquino, or you name it, You have a *sorta* interactive ways to get up close and personal with them, without any intervention  of any management policy *reads: traditional label industry* The artists can post any updates on their day-to-day life and any new creative products that they have. I’ll try quoting/translating an Indonesian proverb that can be related to this situation: ‘Tak Kenal Maka Tak Sayang’ which translated: ‘If you don’t know a person, You won’t love him/her’.

OK, back to D-Choi topic.

as you may know by now, I’m a communication student. and it’s our job to dig into any new social media phenomena. I used to mentioned/elaborated David Choi’s story and music to my paper and presentation *I got good marks for those*.  One thing that I got inspired from his story is: that he made it to the Korean market! *clapclapclap*. I know he’s Korean-American whose Dad had a history in the K-Music. BUT STILL! =D

oh wait! it’s not the topic I wanted to bring up!! *sigh..getting lost in the blabbering habit,really!* hmm.. what else do I want to tell you guys? OH RIGHT! His current Vancouver show review!!

Once I knew David Choi was coming to Vancouver, with all my might, I tweeted, facebook, asked my friends if any of them would like t go with me. Only one answered.

Since I missed his last performance in Vancouver, I made up my mind: I have to go to his show whether alone or with someone. it’s my first concert which I bought the tix my self and all *I grew up in a strict family, and I was never allowed to go to any concert*.

Being excited, I used my on-air “power” to promote this show and all. This said, I hope all the staffs and listeners of CJSF 90.1 FM Burnaby will now understand why I played David Choi songs and mention his show almost every week in this past month! =D  *pssstt.. tune in to my JUMBALAYA, every Friday @ 2-3pm PST*

about a couple of days before the show, I got Kevin to join Steph and I *YAY*. I wore the Davis Choi Sig  t-shirt. put on my heels *so I could see him better..?! but OUCHIE much… nah I kid you..I’m in desperate need to shoes shopping!!!!!* prepared a piece of paper for his autograph. almost prepared a banner, but seriously?! at my age?! HAHA. anyways.. I got there early. Stood at the second row. waited.. and waited. and *BAM* there he was =D

So here are my thoughts on the performance:

The doors opened at 8 pm, and show started at 9pm. It was an OK waiting time considering a lot came without purchasing the tickets beforehand. *ps: i saw a girl was crying because she couldn’t get in because she didn’t bring proper identifications =/*

Opening act:

as much as I love local band, the opening was too long. I heard a lot of groans around me *including my self* about being tired, backs were hurting, and all that jazz. Too long for a totally unknown songs. If the performing time was divided in such way, It would be wonderful if the name of the performing act could be announced along with the show promotion. That way, audiences could at least search the band’s background, if not some of the music. It was awkward *at least for me* to be asked to join them singing/enjoying the song while I know nothing at all.

BUT! They’re really good .. Folk music with modern and cheerful touch: I like! =D *what’s the name of the band again?*

The David Choi stage:

The Venue provided great stage really! The lightings *both prepared and on spot improvised* really play a great deal in creating a conducive atmosphere between the performer and the audiences. It successfully complimented the mood of each song. Once again. PROFICIAT! to the The Venue management.

The so-called meet-and-greet

awkwardly efficient?! haha. I’m not really sure about this part, really. But from the set up, I could see how they try to create a line of buy-hi-bye. If you know what I’m saying.

The highlights:

he talked about what things that have been discussed in his videos, a song abut Vancouver *not really a song but FUN FUN!*, the singing happy birthday, paper air plane hit the head of an audience, LIGHTS! cool lightings! .The audience hammer dance *we crazy silly, eh?!* and of course His personality shone through. remember I mentioned about his not smiling image?! I changed my mind!  It’s all gone with the wind. In person he has a certain charisma that draws people attention. I bet this is one reason why he’s successful now =) His smiles were sincere. and on one song *too dazed to remember which*, I could feel that He looks like that he’s in love *maybe with the girl in the story, or with his music, iono* but i can feel the emotion there. all in all, it was a great stage performance.

It was mesmerizing! nope. I’m not being biased. He brought the culture of Youtube interactive trait thingy to his performance. He made good communications with the audience.  Once again, it’s up-close and personal *own it’s own way*.

I was considering going home right away. but suddenly David Choi came. I got to chit-chatted a bit with him. from there I can sincerely say: I think you’re a sweetheart! He asked me how the show was, commenting on the t-shirt I wore, took picture together*all that fan service* and kindly gave his autograph. I forgot one thing, and asked him to write my name too and he didn’t refuse although a quite long line was waiting. =)

Oh.. I got to take a picture with Mr. Sam *shakalohana*. He seems not that friendly/busy. again. I might be wrong since I don’ t know him well enuff. I think it was busy! =)

Shakalohana~ ♥


To David Choi *right! like he’s gonna read this blog post?!!!! oh gosh.. but this is my VERY FIRST FAN LETTER. I even never wrote anything to westlife haha..I want to do this right but I don’t know how..really!!!*

Hi David, I was the first girl who chatted with you *super shortly* before you started the meet and greet *I know you won’t remember me out of that many fans who came to the Venue for your show…. ehemm.. the one that wore your Signature T-shirt and asked you to tell Wong Fu to come to Vancouver..haha nice try* anyways.. I’m super glad to meet you in person. I think you looks good smiling *better in person/cough..charming..cough cough* and I think that you are really a nice person *cough NG..cough cough Nice Guy*. Thank you for your performance, thank you for sharing your music with us. My friends and I was entertained by your music and great stage act/communication. I hope you keep doing what you’re doing right now because it’s such an inspiration to many *and ME included!*. I can say I was mesmerized. haha. *Relax, not a creeper fan!!* I’ll be supporting you *in ways that I can do* on your future endeavors. As long as I’m still hosting a program *not a big show, really* on CJSF FM radio at Burnaby Mountain, I will try to play more of your songs (and all Youtubers *say HI for me to them* songs I know). I hope you will come again to Vancouver! Meanwhile, I will grow to be a lady I wanted to be with the help of your inspirations as a ‘tutor’ and your videos and music as a ‘friend’. THANK YOU, David. Once gain all the best! and I ♥ D-Choi!!.. you ROCK!

God Bless.. CHEERS!

From: Meda (read: mae-da)/@edreaMJ/ just another ordinary fan

David Choi and I


I think that’s all I want to say tonight. anything else should be added when necessary (maybe on other medium) =)

Oh shoot! I have to go to work quite early today! *small squeaking and acting like a fan girl then off to dreamland*
alrighty.. until then


ouh psst.. pics will be posted maybe tomorrow night! =) Cheers!


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