First Rejection

First application to a Korean radio = REJECTED. *sigh*. Not to take it personal, really. They have no position available for my qualification at the moment.

I’m a rookie after-all. Hmmm.. What should I do next to Improve my self?!

anyways.. Chin Up, Cheer Up.. rejection are many more to come. But grow stronger, you’re one step closer to your dream *self.assuring*

OK, onto the next application!



but I can’t help to feel a little bit sad. allow me to indulge in disappointment for a moment, please =/

One thought on “First Rejection

  1. Christina

    Do you know when JK Rowling first send her books to few publisher, they all rejected her? Until one publisher accepted her writing.. Look how she is doing right now? Everybody heard Harry Potter! Could you imagine how much regret the first publisher had to face? Its millions of dollars!!!!
    Be JK ROwling med!!!!
    Make those who rejected you regret for doing so 🙂


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