it’s BB Cream Magic

Have you ever heard a cosmetic term of: BB Cream?

BB cream stands for Blemish Balm Cream. It is popular among the Asian ladies out there as a base/make up foundation. But how is it different from any regular foundations?

This beauty trend, that is famous in Korea, Japan and now South East Asia, was originally made in Germany. This cream was actually served as ointment prescribed for patients who just undergone laser surgery. It is known to have soothing and skin generating effects.  and as wikipedia stated:

It is used by dermatologists to help laser surgery patients protect, soothe and refine highly sensitive skin while providing light coverage for post-laser scars, acne and other blemishes

Now.. now.. we all know that Korea, Japan, China are really big in the plastic surgery craze. This has helped the boom of BB Cream in South Korea, especially. It is known as the “the secret of Korean actresses“.

There’s this article I found in Naver about what is BB Cream all about *don’t worry, it’s in english!! =)*

So, you got it now, why Ladies are crazy about BB Cream?

I personally love BB Cream. NO, I never have any surgery on any parts of my body, But I like BB Cream because it feels lighter than regular base make up foundation.

It also covers all my imperfectness perfectly.It has SPF in it *really important!!!* I don’t need any concealer anymore. Just BB cream and face powder and I’m all set.

Since Highschool, I know The Faceshop, a Korean brand that got in to the Indonesian market. Since then, I religiusly use all their product. First of all because my mom trust the Korean product andwe’re a member of The Face Shop, and Second of all, since we’re a loyal member, we got all the Kwon Sang Woo *WOOT* poster that we wanted *There were 4-5 KSW posters posted on my bedroom wall. I just hope that my Dad didn’t throw them all away during the house renovation*. Then, I got to know this BB Cream. if I remember correctly, mom’s friend Mami Juwi *yes I’m calling her mommy too* recommend it to us since she was satisfied with what she got from the BB Cream.

Now I found many brands and any type of BB Cream, I like some of them, don’t really fancy the others.. and so here, I want to make a review of some BB cream I have used throughout the yearS.. *promise will post pics l8er!!!*

SKIN FOOD  MUSHROOM BB CREAM. It is the first type of BB cream that I use. It smells good and cover well. However.. it’s too liquid-y to my taste. Since my mom pick this one up fo me, I think she went for the one with lightening formula. Sometimes I think it made my face looked too bright and too white.

– TONY MOLY BB CREAM. This BB cream was bought when I went to Korea!!! So far it’s my Favourite, since it has powdery finish on my face, that sometime I forgot to put on some face powder. =). I really wish that we had a Tony Moly store somewhere in North Amrica. I like the compact powder that I bought, It was light and it didn’t make my face dry. and the Mascara, was just the best I ever had!! Oh, back to the BB review.. The turn downARE, sometimes I feel it’s a little bit dry, that I had to put on more mistourizer. Also because it contains higher SPF, it reflects more light *especially on the picture*

SKIN FOOD ALOE SUNSCREEN BB CREAM. I LOVE THE SMELL OF IT! and I picked the natural one, so it’s just fine! But again, like the other Skin Food Product, it’s too liquidy.

– THE FACESHOP QUICK AND CLEAN BB CREAM. It’s light and doesn’t give a dry feeling but still powdery. However, it doesn’t cover my it’s-all-because-of-stress-and-school-works-and-all-that-head-spinning breakouts/pimples =P. Gotta wash my face more and more often then! =)

AND that’s all my newbie makeup review!! =)

If you live in in Burnaby/Metro Vancouver area, so far here are the places where you can get BB Cream *trusted places*

1. Crystal Mall: There’s this cosmetic shop just across the produce market, on the 1st Fl. Beware though, bacause the shop attender was not helpful and not necessarily the best sales associate ever. Also, remember to check the dates!!!

2. Metropolis at Metrotown: On the 2nd floor, across the esprit store. It used to be The Face Shop store. But I guess it went under. The shop still carries Korean makeup products. You can try their products but so far i haven’t gotten the chance to do so.

Yep. That’s all about BB cream that I know of. One thing to bear in mind, as My mom always says, less is more!!! And don’t forget t use moisturizer night and day!!!

Until Then.. CHEERS!!!!

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