Choco Pie Love

I don’t really watch sad dramas nowadays. But once I watched this one drama and shed soooo many tears I could make a lake of my own. The story was really touching, and I can say that it’s has special love story than the standard man-woman love kinda thing. It’s called Thank You. In this drama I get to know our item of the day: Choco Pie.  At first, I thought it’s just a regular snack. But now I saw it everywhere *in my own world perhaps?!*. It was mentioned, if not really became props, of some dramas or I saw many young people made some sort of birthday/celebration cake out of this Choco Pie.

I tried it before. It’s good but it’s not THAT super great that I will crave for some *maybe I will after writing this blog post*.  So I wonder what is it with South Korean and Choco Pie. Being me.. I googled it!! and Wikipedia actually have a post about Choco Pie!! It said:

A Choco Pie is a confectionery treat created and manufactured since 1974 by Orion Confectionery, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. Similar to Wagon Wheels, a Choco Pie consists of two layers of chocolate-dipped cookies with a marshmallow filling.

The Choco Pie is considered a quintessential Korean treat, similar to the status of the Oreo cookie in American culture. Orion supplies the South Korean military with their Choco Pies, which are given out to soldiers in the Korean military after their first week of basic training in addition to being available in the military store.

In recent years Orion has used the Choco Pie to gain a foothold in foreign markets, and Orion now controls a two-thirds share of the Chinese cookie market, with a third of Orion’s revenue now coming from outside Korea. Whole series of Choco Pies have been sold more than 12.1 billion all over the world.[clarification needed][1]

Orion seeks a share in four major markets – South Korea, Russia, Vietnam and China. The snack has been particularly successful in China, Vietnam and Taiwan. Additionally, it has become a favorite snack of North Korean workers at the Kaesong Industrial Complex and has come to symbolize capitalism. South Korean news reports claim that Choco Pies can fetch as much as US$9.50 on the North Korean black market.

In South Korea, Choco Pie has a strong association with Jeong, which indicates closeness among people in Korea. Its advertisements emphasise the relationship between family members and friends, and its jingle is widely known.

Of course wikipedia can be wrong. It doesn’t really answer my question but at least I can *sorta* draw my own conclusion out of my curiosity. Pardon me if I’m wrong, but I got the sense that one of the reason is that choco pie is an ‘American’ thing. I remember my friend telling me that *almost* anything American is considered high quality, cool, prestigious, etc, etc.. Since it has been around for quite sometimes, it has stayed in people’s hearts *pardon my language for it’s late and I need to wake up in 2 hours hahaha*. and maybe there’s the soldiers factor? it becomes popular since people started buying this thing to be given to their friends/family in the military service?

If your Korean, and you have some thoughts/opinion on this.. PLEASE do write a comment and tell me why *ain’t nothing but a heartache…… Back Street Boys.. get it?! ahh I think I should really call it a day*

Now… now.. I wonder why don’t North American be creative and stack up some twinkies/oreos into a cake?! hahahaha..

My lunch tomorrow!! hahaha

*packing some Choco Pie for tomorrow’s all day activity at church*

Until then…. 8-D

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