Oh My Kimchi Pancake

I took LOTS of pictures of Korean restaurants and Korean food that my friends and I made. But since I lost all of them in the unfortunate event T.T, I decided not to rely on iPhone camera anymore. *wiser I hope*. I’m still sad though to the fact that I couldn’t show you the pictures I took in Edmonton. No, I’m NOT going there anytime SOON.

annddd… I couldn’t write in hangeul using my current laptop.. gotta wait until December..

OKEY DOKEY! here’s the oh my kimchi pancake story..

I was wondering *at 2 am* what should I make that day and I remembered that I still have some kimchi left. I decided to make kimchi jeon since my mom already bought me the pancake mix.

and now.. let pictures tell you all.. kkkk


– Cabbage Kimchi

– Pancake Powder Mix (or you can make it with multi purpose flour and eggs)

– salt and pepper

– water

How To Make

– I thing it’s pretty simple, eh? The pictures help?!

– Oh I read somewhere that you can also put in chopped garlic and gochu garu/red pepper powder for more flavour..


ps: If you’re in Vancouver and trying to find some good kimchi, my Korean friends here *almost all of them* agree that this one is the best!! I will post another blog about it! =)

and ohhh.. I’m planning to make yukgaejang tomorrow!!! wish me luck *especialy in finding toran and gosari!!*



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