get your kimchi

I went downtown today.. with all my winter gears *gloves, thick scarf, earmuffs, my warmest bots, etc* to buy all th ingredients for yukgaejang. While the dried gosari/fern-bracken is soaked overnight, here’s review of what I promised you yesterday: Where to get some good side dishes/kimchi in Vancouver.

It’s called the Windsor Market, located almost the very last block of Robson *almost the end of Robson to Denmann st*. It’s easily spotted as it’s the last ‘small shop’ before the huge Safeway building and it has RED *yay* canopy.

more specifically, here’s the exact address:

1710 Robson Street (Robson @ Bidwell)
Vancouver, BC V6G 1E2

ph # (604) 685-1532








This stores are just like any other mini market. But you can specifically find some Korean and Japanese cooking ingredients, well mostly Korean. There you could find from sesame oil, corn syrup, frozen dumplings, to various Asian rice/grains, noodles and snacks. They even have some Korean tinned tuna and all that stuffs. If you live in downtown, this can be one of your ‘small groceries’ destination. However, this market don’t sell fresh vegetables/fruits… they have some nice flowers though =). If you have finished browsing the aisles, you will find at back 2-3 fridges. One of them is the KIMCHI/SIDE DISHES. As you can see from the pictures below, They have quite a number of kimchi and side dishes variations. You just need to grab what you want =).ย  I realized that Hmart in downton now has more varieties of kimchi. But I haven’t heard my kimchi lover friends said that this one is no longer the best one.


Alrighty!! now that you know where to buy some yummy kimchi, go ahead and try some. Stuff some in your fridge! It’s winter and you might want to make sure you have some healthy food in your fridge! And next time, I promise you I will write more about kimchi *the history, maybe the varieties, and OF COURSE the tradition*

Until then… =D


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