woah I went on air

Hey how are you?! it’s been quite a while, eh?! Before I start I just want to make 2 quick statements

1. someone said if you dream big and you publish it to he world, it will less likely to come true.. so it kinda discouraged me a little for a while

2. I wanted to post some blogs with pictures from my iphone BUT! it died on me and I lost all the data *tears* so i lost all my pictures that I wanted to make blog postS with

Anywaaaayyyss… I WENT ON AIR on CJSF 90.1 fm today! last Thursday *I forgot to post it right away =(

I joined the CJSF radio station, an independent community radio located at Burnaby mountain. After learning much about how the radio stations work, today is remembrance day! While everybody were still in their bed.. I woke up early to catch the 9 o’clock Jumbalaya program… there I got my first on-air experiences.  I practically handled the control board *with the switches and computer, cd players, volume button, lots and lots on/off buttons, mic controls* and said something. It was nerve wracking but my sonbae said that I did a pretty good job *phew*

ALSO.. I got to finish my on-air training tape.. which will allow me to go on air on my own!! TEEHEE.. it was really hard! I took 3 hours to make a 5 mins tape *sigh*. I just wanted it to be perfect.. but I think I still did poorly here and there. From today experience, I got to know and love Canadian Indie artists.. I also read 2 Public Service Annoncements.. one on the 22nd Jewish film festival and one on The Sound of Music musical. I promote my ‘ex’-trainer show melodies in minds… It was pretty FUN!

Just so you support them and for me to remember these journey.. here are the 3 songs that I used for my training tape:

– A Simple Love by Elaine Ryan

– Kiss Me With That Poem by Elaine Ryan

– Quarry Hymns by The Land of Talk

No I’m super tired but super happy too… good night all!!

*pass out*

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