Korean Central Market – Edmonton

Finally.. It’s my last day in Edmonton. Why did I go to this prairie area? Because my little brother is going to University of Alberta, and I have to show him how to do things, the Canadian way.. hahahah. Even-though it is also my first time going to Edmonton, at least I have lived in Canada for years now.. He needed someone to help him settle down..

After a lot of walking (campus tour –  mall – hostel) and getting lost and confused.. finally, my solo tour day had arrived.

My brother had an all day orientation at the University of Alberta, which I very much like the ambiance and the dorm life (seems like loads of FUN! envy you much!) so I had to spend the whole day on my own.

It was Labour Day.. so I had no idea what to do. So I google up ‘Korean Market in Edmonton’ since I saw quite a few of Korean at the U of A.

Then I found it! The transportation system here in Edmonton is not the Best.. but at least it takes me to where I wanted to go. Just plan your trip at the Edmonton Transit System website

The market is located in a complex which you can find other Asian stores and restaurants, mainly Indian. I will post the picture as soon as I get back to Vancouver!

The market is simple and looks like an organized warehouse. I think it does have almost the basic needs to make Korean food. If in Vancouver, you can find fresh bakery and food/side dishes, here, it’s all stored in the freezer.

They do have several things that the Korean markets in Vancouver don’t (well, at least I haven’t found them yet!) They have Korean Cheetos with unique flavours! *YAY*

The stuffs there have similar prices with the ones in Vancouver, but I was shocked to found some cheap things like.. waaayyy cheaper!! =)

If the face mask in H mart or Hanareum is CA$ 1.20-ish each plus the 12% HST.. Here it’s only CA$ 5 ish per pack plus 5% GST (there are 10 per pack). and there went my shopping spree! =)

The store owner is nice too, btw! =)

The Korean Central Market

9271 34 Avenue Northwest
(780) 469-7017

Open Mon-Sat 10am-8pm; Sun 10am-6pm

Oh! If you’re going to Edmonton, I would like to recommend you cheap stay at the Hi Edmonton Youth Hostel. It is located on the 82 Avenue/Wythe Avenue. It is a nice and safe neighbourhood closed to U of A. It takes 40 mins to West Edmonton Mall and close to downtown/Jasper Avenue.

It’s a budget stay. But it has all you need from kitchen, storage, laundry, entertainment rooms. Just click on the link for more info!

I could not find that many Korean restaurants here or even Asian restaurant, but I think it’s enough to get by!

Nooow.. back to the 12% HST zone! *sigh*. But yay for city life =D !!

well..well.. until then! xoxo

(updated: pictures of Korean market in Edmonton)

VISIT : http://www.flickr.com/photos/56786486@N03/sets/72157626533481555/


2 thoughts on “Korean Central Market – Edmonton

  1. edreaMJ

    I could not recall if they sell any CD or not. But I think there were some other stores around the area. Again, I’m not sure.
    What kind of CD are u looking for?
    usually I got my music from itunes or http://www.yesasia.com.
    I hope that helps. or else. I’ll get my brother to find out..but I gotta bribe him with sth first… lol


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