the pause button

Woah.. I just realized I haven’t written anything since April. And that was nothing about Korean, except for the fact that the singer is Korean-American.. ha..ha.. nice try!

You see, this one whole year is a big beautiful mess for me. I dealt with a lot of stress and anxiety, I faced changes in my life. All that has taken a big toll in my dream-in-the-making-real.

Nope, it’s not an excuse! Maybe some, if not all of us, have ever wished to have a pause button to stop the time to get things done on time. But we can never have that! All we can do is to take things one day at a time. And sometimes it’s worth the wait for whatever you decided to put it on hold.

I don’t want to share you a big chunk of my private life as I already share you my dream. But let me tell you this.. I was faced with the darkest days of my life. And then I have to compromise with changes my environment (places I live, family members moving in with me, knowing my self better, managing my self better, yadidada..). It all resulted in me.. not focusing so much on my Korean study. I could not even watch all that variety shows and dramas and movies and all that K-entertainment that I love so much, which I argue to be my *stress relievers*.. However, I am grateful that it all happened. It forced me to know my self better. It helped me in ways that I can plan better to get what I’ve been aiming for.

During this ‘break period’, however, I’ve made more and more networks (read: friends) who are Koreans. Yay ME! hahaha..but really! what could be the best way to get involve and to understand better of a culture than to get to know the people better?! new found positive attitude + new friends = Great motivation!!

They kinda forced me to practice my listening as they all assume that I pretty much understood what they said! *sigh* Hey.. It’s all good… this could mean: Edrea! get your self together and get back to work! couldn’t it?! =)

So… all you dream catchers out there. don’t be araid of the pause button.. take it one day at a time, just don’t forget to get back on it when you have it all together!!

Oh, right..  if you happen to be in Greater Vancouver and want to experience English-Korean languages exchange, by all means please visit (click on it!!) the Hi Vancouver Korean Language Exchanges ! We have so many events and fun, engaging language exchange class that can help you to speak better Korean/English and get you loads of new friends and loads of Korean FOOD! *an Event Organizer’s marketing attempt =P* should you be interested in the language exchange.. you can always leave a comment on this post and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.. =) *promise!!

so… until next time, I’ll wrap this up with the lyrics of my favourite song *not all of it! tho =)*.. Moon River

You dream maker
You heartbreaker
Wherever you’re going
I’m going your way
Two drifters off to see the world
There’s such a lot of world to see
We’re after the same rainbow’s end
Waitin’ round the bend
My Huckleberry friend
Moon River and me

5 thoughts on “the pause button

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  2. Summer

    Hi! I tried to sign up to the Hi Vancouver meetup but my application hasn’t had any responses for a while now. I was wondering if the group is still active?


    1. edreasjourney

      is this the email you’ll be signing up with?! I will tell the maintenance guy.. I’m sorry for the delay as he just came back from Korea =)
      and YES the meet up is stll active and running


      1. Summer

        Yeah, I think it’s the email I’m using. Sorry if it seems like I’m rushing you guys for a reply, there’s actually no hurry, I was just worried I’ll forget about this because I’m just so forgetful >_<


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