airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars

credit: benzedrineaddiction@deviantart

credit to miroki@deviantart

uh huh.. That’s B.O.B feat Hailey’s Airplanes lyrics!!I couldn’t stop listening to the CLARACMUSIC cover of this song! *she’s AWESOME* Last Night I put it up as my facebook status and one of my friend asked me what was my wish?! I’d say for now

I wish I would wake up only to find that it’s my graduation day and my loved ones will be there to celebrate it with me.. =D

Girls talks will always be around what would they want in the future.. future husband, the dream house, the dream wedding, places to go, etc..

Oh I could really use some wishes right now!!!

let’s fly to KOREA now! =D  naah.. dat’s not really my wish right now! but yeah…

What’s ur wish?! I’ll fold the paper airplanes for u to make ur wish come true! =)

credit to iheartcolours@deviantart

4 thoughts on “airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars

  1. edreasjourney

    I think it will come out if you put caption/description of the pictures.. otherwise, it won’t come out that way. I have some pictures that does not have the white frame thing..


  2. 케빈

    me again. what’s this group’s name? She sings good. She has a soultry voice. are they your friends? do they have a website or an album or some samplers?

    i take it they are not signed yet?


    1. edreasjourney

      her name is Clara Chung. Popular on Youtube and she’s not signed. She already released her album a while ago. just go to YouTube and find Clara C. and I’m a super fan of her and JasonYang too =)


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