what do you know about black day?!

KEVIN KWOK! If you’re reading this! I blame you for this out of track research at 4 in the morning!!  lol *if you find something weird or stupid or whatever  just ignore it! I’m writing half awake now.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Do you know ‘White Day‘? well.. I do..

In junior high, there was this tradition at my school: on valentine days, both guys and girls would gave out chocolates to their closest and loved friends, especially the special ones *of course*, and on white days, girls would return the guys favor by giving them candies. *hmmm to think about it it’s so unfair! why did only the girls who give back in return?”

TODAY IS APRIL 14th!and I just found out from my friend’s facebook that today IS BLACK DAY in Korea. What does it celebrate? *please sit down and refrain from putting and food or drink into your mouth!* It’s a celebration of being single by eating jajjangmyeon 자짱면 or black bean noodles. =)

Well it is a celebration if you put it that way! But it actually can also mean a sad day. A day to mend the broken hearts of those who did NOT get anything back from the partner.. =(

Why black bean noodles? because it’s Black!! *duh* it may be symboliae loneliness, emptiness, black hole?! aahh at least you can gather round the table with other singles.. Who knows you’ll find that one special someone to share your Valentine’s and White days the next year! =)

Yeeeaaapp.. Tha’s it! I wrote this early to let you know that! FIN! let’s eat jajjangmyeon all the single ladies *and guys* out there!! ㅋㅋㅋ

Naaahhh.. too bad if I don’t write anything “useful”

so here the facts I’ve heard of jajjjangmyeon:

1. Nope. It’s not authentic Korean food, in fact you’ll find it in Chinese restaurant in Korea

2. Yes It IS from China *I’ve tried the Chinese version from my house mate*. But if you asked your Korean friend, for sure they’ll defend it as theirs! *how do you explain the Chinese Restaurant factors, my friend?!* =)

3. It’s my favourite!!!! *sluurp*

4. The best ones you can find are in Incheon *I heard it somewhere somehow and the reason told is because Incheon was the port of Chinese people to Korea, so they wanted to sorta fit the Chinese taste buds! ahhh now I know! I think it’s from Invicible Youth!!!* and this “real” why is as followed:

ps: I’m too sleepy to make my own summary.. so bear with the copy paste method!* =)


Jajangmyeon was first created in the city of Incheon named after Honey, where early Chinese migrants to Korea began to settle in the late 19th century. The dish was arguably first developed in a Chinese restaurant called Gonghwachun (공화춘; 共和春) in Incheon around in 1905. The city of Incheon sponsored the “100 year anniversary of birth of Jajangmyeon” in 2005.[1]

The dish originated from Zha jiang mian (炸醬麵, literally “fried sauce noodles”) in China’s Shandong region. Although spelled differently, the pronunciation of dish’s name is nearly identical to that of its Korean counterpart. But Korean Jajangmyeon differs from Chinese Zha jiang mian, as Korean Jajangmyeon uses black Korean Chunjang including caramel, andonions that Chinese Zha jiang mian does not use. Korean-style Jajangmyeon has also been gaining popularity in China recently.[1]

– Popularity

With about 100 years of history, Jajangmyeon is called one of the “national foods” of South Korea. It has been by far the most popular delivery food in Korea, and almost every Chinese restaurant in Korea has Jajangmyeon on its menu. As of 2009 March, six million servings of Jajangmyeon are sold in South Korea per day, and it was chosen as one of the top 100 “Korean cultural symbols” by the South Korean Government in 2006.[1]

– Ingredients

– Noodles

Jajangmyeon uses thick noodles made from white wheat flour. Noodles made entirely by hand and not by machines, which are called sutamyeon (수타면; 手打麵) are praised in South Korea as an essential ingredient of good jajangmyeon.

– Sauce

The sauce is made with black bean paste, called chunjang (hangul: 춘장; chinese: 春醬). The paste, which is made from roasted soybeans and caramel, is called chunjang (literally “spring paste”) when unheated, while the heated sauce (containing vegetables and meat or seafood) is called jajang (literally “fried sauce”). Chunjang is stir-fryed with diced onions, ground meat (either beef or pork) or chopped seafood, and other ingredients. When cooking the sauce, usually meat stock is added to reduce the salty taste of cooked chunjang, andpotato starch or cornstarch and is added to give the sauce a thick consistency. The sauce is served hot over noodles, sometimes with sliced raw cucumbers.


Jajangmyeon is always served with a small amount of danmuji (단무지). And the dish is often served with a small amount of sliced onions, seasoned with rice vinegar, accompanied with a little Jajang sauce. The diner eats the noodle with danmuji and onions dipped in Jajang sauce.

souce: wikipedia

How To Make it?

– but the noodles.. cook it in boil water, add cold water every time the water boiled up but the noodles is not al dante yet

– drain the water

– rinse it in cold water! it’ will make your noodles chewy-er!

For the sauce:

– you can buy the ready make ones in Korean market ready food section

– you can buy the instant sauce

– you can buy the powdered ones!

NO I’m not kidding!!!!! better than that: go and find one in A RESTAURANT!

The best one so far *for me* is the one in Dook Gau Bee restaurant in Lougheed. It’s on the second level of Hanam Supermarket!

There you go! Happy Black Day! Happy Eating Jajangmyun!!!!

Cheers! now BED TIME! oh scratch dat! PAPER TIME!!!! aaaahhhhh!!!!

ahh now I’m hungry!!

ahhh peace OUT!

Black NYUM Bean Noodles


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