pardon the non-korean-ness

I.. uh.. had too much caffeine that made me paranoid *say why?! I say I NEED it!!*.. and my heart goes 두군 두군ㅋㅋㅋㅋ *sigh* I have to write my endless paperS! >.<

therefore I decided to write random stuffs *because I have forsaken all my other blogs =P* and I’ll delete this sometimes soon.. I guess.. or never?! whatever!! =)

1. I don’t watch horror movies.. The fright factor always take 10 years outta my life! I want to but somebody gotta stick with me for weeks afterward! lol

2. I think glass-less huge frame eye glasses are stupid.. what’s the point?! it doesn’t you look smarter! you look dumber!

3. I don’t like Tyra Banks.. she’s sooo opinionated and misleading sometimes. But I watch her anyway!

4. Tell me Hollywood’s names and I’ll go BLANK! I can picture super famous ones *read: those who I see quite often from here and there* like J-Lo, Kate Winslet, Ben Affleck, Anne Hathaway, etc. I can’t even picture Pierce Brosnan’s or whatever that guy’s name is, face.. which one is he again?!

5. I can’t never remember Titles!  or NAMES for that matter.. but yet they say I have a good memory..ceh! =P

6. I don’t really like chocolate!

7. I paint my nails.. with colours! whatever! I think it’s COOL!

8. I wanted to learn to be a room decorator. But I can’t draw.. now I think I should’ve taken Language instead! ahh SHUSSHH I like what I’m doing.. at least when I’m done with the school part! lol

9. I hate doing the dishes and folding clothes! I’ll do anything else! hmm.. I shud find a nice guy who’ll do that for me instead! 😉

10. I love Karaoke. It’s singing + stress relieving all together. Why would some people look down/think negatively about dat?! I could just go just with 2 other friends and do nothing and sing! no harm, right?! Then again, we often judge others by what they do.. dat’s no good! lol

11. Even a small gesture COUNTS & SUPER MATTERS to me.. I;m a sensitive anyway! right, Mom?! hehehehe..

12. I think I’m done here

13. I wish I’m not sleepy and tomorrow is still super far!

Now I want Sate padang! *some sort of  Satay type from West Sumatra*

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