Can you say CHICKEN?!

About 2 weeks ago Vancouver just had a GRAND celebration in the city. It was the 2010 Winter Olympic, which is hosted in Beautiful British Columbia! I was so excited with the whole partying downtown with people from all over the world. I wish I could stay the whole time in Vancouver, but I needed to have a celebration on my own. I had to go to the U.S.A to meet my parents. Why?! because I was about to get my Permanent Resident status in Canada, but before that I had to go out of the country and crossed the border to do the immigration stuffs.

I went to San Francisco, met my mom and dad, and stayed for 4 days at Aunti clara and Uncle Eka’s house at San Jose. Our family and a friend of my mom and Aunt Clara from LA: Aunt Lily, had a BLAST! I never knew that SF has a huge Vietnamese community! Everywhere we went, at the strip malls, wherever.. There were like dozens of Vietnamese restaurant, Pho, market, etc!! EPIC! *and I fell in love with one Vietnamese sandwich from King Egg Roll, near my aunt’s house*

Anyways… my aunt and uncle were really nice that they took us around.. when I said around I MEANT.. we went out early and came back late!! =)

And one night, Uncle Eka took us to a Korean restaurant that sells fried chicken in St.Clara .. WHAATT?! yep… various kind of Korean style fried chicken!! yuummm! *thanks to my ex-roomie who told my Uncle this place, and Brighton who got addicted to this place! =D*

The To-Go Only Stamp Card

*Just in Case it’s too small to read*

99 Chicken

2781 El Camino Real, Santa Clara, CA


p: +1 408-244-5599

*eekkk I almost lost this card.. and I scribbled 민국’s number at the back of the card!!! baadddd!!* =P. Anyways.. I forgot to take pictures of the food because, my friend in Korea called me.. >.<. But I took picture of the restaurant instead. On the wall.. it has sooooo many pictures of people who went there. and the side dishes and rice and the drinks are buffet style!

My uncle was like.. didn’t think that I was that fluent *in Korean*.. so My mom asked me to speak in Korean or else she would speak embarrassing Korean.. so I did try speaking with the owner a little, and he was soo nice and he took our picture!! YAY! .. and 그 사장님은 재 한국어 이종헀어요and so did my uncle+) I’ll come back… promise!!

psstt: my mom is craving for some of those chicken now! hopefully I can find some in Vancouver! =)


One thought on “Can you say CHICKEN?!

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