ah! shopping spree!

I feel like being poetic lately * reminiscing the my glorious poetic days in Indonesia* =).  Okey, there’s no connection with what I’m about to tell you.. oh well you know me already.. the Queen of chatterbox?! hahahaha..

what will you sing when $62.50 + $57.50 + $57 + $45+ $73.50 + $60 = $37.33 ??!! Yes, my friends! it’s not clothes.. but It’s indeed my shopping spree that worth every single pennies spent

I was walking down the AQ hallway, going to see my friend, Vanny at Mr Sub. I was deep in thought of why I didn’t do well as thought I would on both of my essay proposal and my midterms from 2 different courses. As I contemplating and regaining my spirit to do better and to make up on those.. I went pass the book store. Then I saw the 90% off in front of it. In the spirit of reading more and of wanting to look for a new research topic, I browsed through the book sale collections. Then I found one package of Korean Language book.. oh no wait.. There were 2..OH NO.. there were.. 1A 1B 2B 3A 3B and 4A packages *each has at least 2 books and a CD*. I saw the price tag, and I was like.. oh.. may be I should buy two.. oh no just one for now.  Unsure of the price, I went to the cashier and ask for the actual price. and I ended up buying one packages of  every level! NO I WASN’T KIDDING.. I went MAD! hahaha..

I used to hate the fact that SFU Bookstore can rip the students off! but for now I’d say I LOVE YOU SFU BOOKSTORE!!!!!! ❤

Royal treatment for my ne babies *on my fave blanket =P*

Call me crazy! freak, or whatever you want! =)

Just the other day, my friend at IYF tell me to try to speak more in Korean as I already have enough basic to do so. But to tell you the truth.. I have no confidence! or I’m such a prideful person that I don’t want to show my weaknesses?! not really.. I’m just simply scared! Anyways…  Maybe the reason of all because I consider my self as lacking in the formal ‘education’.  I started off learning on my own, and then catching word by word from music and TV shows, and now from 2 clubs that I’m attending. I just.. think that I don’t have the complete grasp of understanding the grammar.. It’s just not enough, or may I say… It’s scattered..all over the places!

Well.. oh well… no time to whine, I just do what I gotta do.. now that I have the sources to the systematical learning of the grammar.. I have no excuse! =) Boost up my confidence.. baby talk is a good start! Lucky, I have more Korean friends and friends who are learning with me, than when I used to learn by myself! I’m thankful. I’m blessed! 힘내라!! =) =) =)

psssttt.. I can’t stop smiling! ouh yeah!! I got my new babies on a super great deal!!! *yes I’m a nerd.. thinking a bunch of books and CDs as my babies!!!* but whatever! lol


3 thoughts on “ah! shopping spree!

  1. you're a nerd

    OH MY GOD! Are there any left? I wanna buy them too!

    You know why they are 90% discounted? Cuz a new revision came out like a year ago. So I think all of these are on liquidation.

    How long is the sale for?


    1. edreasjourney

      YEp.. Still A LOT LEFT! But I don’t know when will it be till.. I just found out today! =)

      I was thinking.. In the book, there’re games and activities included.. maybe we can use those in our meet up?!


  2. nerdy nerd

    Are you gonna be at Korean class on Thursday? I’m thinking to buy it on Thursday when I come to Korean class. Can you show me where the SFU Book store is? I don’t know SFU at all. Or do you think the books would be all gone by then?


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