a new hair do

Finally I got to write my dear blog again after it got suspended >.<

I still don’t understand why it got suspended, but I fought for it and have it back with me now *hug* so, I have actually saved A LOT of things to write, but iono where to start *too many too many too many!* hahaha anyways, I think it’ll be great to start with a new hair do! LOL ..my mom and everybody else always say that the act of cutting your hair symbolizes getting rid of your bad luck. I don’t quite believe in that and as for me,  I always go for a hair cut impulsively.

Today is the day! well, my bang was really annoying and my head feels so heavy, that I decided to get a hair cut! just when I browsed something in the internet, I read  review about SEJONG BEAUTY SALON on north road, Lougheed. I passed it by so many times but never actually went into it.

So I did it, I called them, went there, and yeah I DID! as simple as that! I usually went to Misako at Metrotown with Zen. I like his works on my hair at times.. but it gets too expensive now >.<

I went in to Sejong expecting to pay about $40 but my bill turned up to be only $27.. of course you should add some decent tip to it! =)

The salon has modern interior, and they can actually speak English *compared to the Japanese Salon I’ve been to*. the result is also not too bad.. yay for cheap hair cut!! and it’s KOREAN! LOL

oh yeah, my hairdresser was JUNG onnie! =)

and FYI:

Sejong Beauty Salon

North Road, Coquitlam, BC V3K 3V8

(604) 939-9798‎

Sejong Beauty Salon at Lougheed

5 thoughts on “a new hair do

  1. Ian

    Edrea! I stumbled across your blog! It looks great and the articles are very interesting! I’m surprised by how much you know about 한글 and……소주…for that matter..hahaha

    You must be putting a lot of thought into it!

    Anyways, just wanted to say hi!

    See you around school! Come by to Korean class if you have some time! What are you studying these days? 😀


  2. Saya

    Yeah I usually go to Misako metrotown to get Zen to change my hair style and he’s absolutely God!! But like u said it costs quite expensive. I’ve never tried Korean hair salon but it could be a good alternative. BTW I didnt know getting hair cut means getting bad luck away. Kind of make sense, though.


    1. edreasjourney

      Agree! Zen’s works are just awesome!
      So far, I found that Korean hair salons are cheaper than the Japanese ones.
      aaannndd about the ‘getting bad luck away’, it’s only a superstition that my mom always told me when I was growing up. But I figured why not mentioning it there for fun =)


  3. kris

    Hi, I too also stumbled across your blog looking for a good, fairly reasonable hair salon. I wanted to know whether your hair cut grew out nicely, usually you can tell whether the hair cut was good are not from that… Also do you know if they have a different price for a hair trim?


    1. edreaMJ

      Hi Kris.
      Thank you for visiting my blog =)
      I like how my hair grew when I got it cut at the Sejong Salon, compared to when I got it done at the Joyce Hair Design.
      I believe they have different price for that, but you gotta make sure and ask them before hand. They can understand English pretty well =)


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