Kimchi Stuffed Mushroom

It’s MY CREATION.. lol

i’m inspired by my friend’s upcoming birthday dinner. She told me that she’s going to make stuffed mushrooms. so I thought I’d give it a try my self…

I bought the mushroom at Ha Na Reum Mart at North Road, Lougheed, where I also found very delicious cabbage kimchi! I higly recomend it!

tips from me: don’t by kimchi in the plastic jar *the one that looks neat and factory made* it has different taste of sourness and it has some weird taste, like a chemical or sth.. *gaahh!!*

I’ll share the recipe to you all.. *remember I don’t believe in exact cooking measurements..just use your instinct, be your own chef!* lol


– Portobello Mushrooms (or any kind of mushrooms that you can stuff, I think..hihihihih)

– Kimchi

– Ground pork/Beef

– garlic plus seasoning (it’s like garlic and other herbs sprinkles)

– salt

– egg (i used 1 for 2 portobello mushrooms)

– sesame oil

– Korean red pepper

How to cook

– diced the kimchi, squished out the water *remember mushrooms will take out its water whenit’s cooked*

– in a bowl, mixed the dice kimchi, egg, tapioca starch,  seasonings (you can improve, really!), salt, sesame oil, and ground pork/beef

– cut out the mushromms stem

– stuffed the mushrooms with the mix

– sprinkle it with the red pepper powder

– bake it in the oven with 350 C for about 35 minutes

– enjoy! =)

my stuffed kimchi mushrooms portobello mushrooms

pssttt: just one of this mushroom can stuff you real good! I sprinkled the rice with sockeyed salmon furikake *presentation!!!hahaha* I got from Konbiniya in downtown Vancouver..

3 thoughts on “Kimchi Stuffed Mushroom

    1. edreasjourney

      and oh.. I never make my own kimchi YET.. I want to try tho!!!! My mom’s friend gave me a book about kimchi (the history, varieties according the season and the recipe). Maybe one day I’ll review that book!


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