Sweet Potato Latte

고구마 Latte

Starting Fall or maybe to welcome the thanksgiving, Canadian coffe shops begin to proudly serve the pumpkin spice latte *which I like soo much =)*

Just about yesterday, I suddenly remember about a unique beverage I had while I was in Seoul.

It’s Iced Sweet Potato Latte or 고구마 Latte..

yeah! it’s made of sweet potato.. The colour was yellow. I liked it, but my dad didn’t.. He thought it was weird..

I don’t know if they put any expresso shot at all, because unlike the pumpkin spiced latte, I couldn’t taste a tiny bit taste of coffe at all. Just sweet potato and milk/lait/latte.

Too bad I didn’t take any picture of it.. but I still can taste it somehow.. hahahahaha

Oh yeah.. If anyone happen to be in Seoul or going there, somehow =).. I found this in the Dong Dae Mun/East Gate area. It’s at Doota Shopping Mall, just right beside one of its entrance..

But I believe you can find it somewhere else!! =)

[credit image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/23133378@N08/3452182938/]

One thought on “Sweet Potato Latte

  1. honnier

    Glad to read this posting!
    Sweet potato latte is one of my favorit..Oh, I’m Korean born and raised in here.
    It is all over here from like 2008.. as well as squash latte if you’ve heard of it..
    As fas as I know it doesn’t have an espresso shot..
    Btw it is seriously easy to make. You can just mix a piece of cooked sweet potato(boil or even microwave) and milk in blender with ice(cold) or microwave it after untill it gets hot.(my favorit in winter)
    In cafe, they put steamed milk on top I think.


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