Edible Toothpick, Really?!

Can you say environmentally friendly and sustainability or biodegradable?

I don’t really know was it started in Korea or any other Asian country, but I was introduced to this cute invention by Ji Un, our tour guide..

The edible toothpick has clear green colour.. *I tried. looking dumb enough when I was trying to chew it up* lol.. It’s slightly softer than the bamboo toothpick and kinda feel like it’s made of plastic, and the Korean Government has actually banned the bamboo toothpick at all!

It’s biodegradable, and environmentally friendly *save those bamboo trees!!* and it looks cute compared to the boring brown regular toothpick *hahaha*

I believe they has started using this method to make biodegradable plastic bags!

psstt.. I’ll upload the pic later *I’m at SFU Library.. trying to focus on my paper, NOT! =)*

Sorry for the blurry picture >.<

3 thoughts on “Edible Toothpick, Really?!

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    1. edreaMJ

      Dear sir,

      I don’t think it’s possible to make it at home. But I do believe you could buy it online. It’s not edible like food. But the idea is that it is made with edible food and it’s compostable.

      I hope it explains a bit.


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