Day 1 – as I remember correctly

Hey.. It’s been months since the day I went to Korea

and finally I have some times to recollect my almost blur details on my trip.. but not to worry.. It was soooo special and I have pictures that will help me remember for sure..

Day 1 – arriving at 인천 and going from there

We finally arrived!!! after abouth 8 hours of flight (not so bad at all compared to the 5+12 hours Jakarta-Vancouver.. hahaha)

we met the tour guide right in front of the departure gate.. oohhh The Boss was neat looking! and the girl, who was going to be our daily guide, her name is 지언 (Ji Eon) and her Indonesian is soooo impressive!!! *4 thumbs up for you, girl!*

tour team Photobucket

Since we hadn’t had our breakfast.. we scattered around to find some food.. and guess what my mom, my dad and I had? we had the McDonald’s breakfast! duh!! it was okay… just like any other McDonald you know..

after that 지 언 explain the basic rules and courtesy in korea she’s pretty good at describing facte *oh crap now I forgot it all!!! >.<) of Seoul…

Somehow during the pretty long drive from Incheon.. the Seoul city was starting to reveal it self

the city is revealing itself bus

My first Impression was.. ouhhh what a neat and super clean city!

everything is just sooo organized… I can’t wait to see what seoul had in store for us


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