quick update from home

First of all… The internet connection in Jakarta is HORRIBLE! Yes, we’re living in a multi tech country my friend but we’re the only one without cyber optic!! BLAH I’m so sad.. I fell like I’m disconnected from the K-entertainment update with this. But not to worry, I’m feeding my self with every source I can find here! =D




Last Thursday I was waiting for my mom to pick me up at Senayan City Mall. I bought some stuffs and read them at the coffee bean cafe. Guess what I found? *will update pic later* Yes, along with my comic books, Indonesian super hilarious novel and latte and my oreo cheesecake.. I bought a KOREAN GRAMMAR BOOK!!! just like what I needed!

Now.. now…

so It’s certain that I’m gonna go to Seoul and Jeju for about 5 days on tour!!!!


I will try my best to do some research about Seoul and Jeju.. but seriously.. this internet connection is really killing me slowly! >.< But I  got some brochures from my mom’s bestie who had gone to Seoul.. so it’ll help a bit i guess..

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