They’re going South Korea!!

Just received a good news.. *Sorry I couldnt update this blog for awhile since I’m too busy packing, buying things to be brought home, and moving out*

My Dad is going to South Korea for his business trip!!!!!

I was screaming so loud when I heard that! My mom is going there with my dad.  She loves Korea as much as I do. So she offered me to go since my dad got a plus one, but I think my Mom should go for sure!! I shouldn’t steal her spot! *LOVE* you Mom. I remembered the time that she said she wish she would go there someday, and this is her time! But, yeah.. I wish I could go to but it’s too expensive.. One day.. one day but not this time! Just be patient and keep praying! I just got the most pleasant 2 am call from my Mom! My Dad just called her to tell him that I can go with them too!!!!! So *my finger is crossed, two hands together so everything will be as planned!!! I’m not gonna go unless It’s true that the client will pay. If not I will be more than glad to stay at home or go to Manado or Padang as planned before all this commotion happened!* Yes I’m super hyped!!!!!!!!!!!

So I’ll ask my dad which part of Korea will he go to and do some research for him US and post it here.

I’ll ask them to take lots of picture and grab as much info as they could..

I scream *one more time* OMEEEGOOOSSHHH THEY’RE WE’RE GOING THERE!!!!!


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