a little self encouragement

*sigh* really! what is the use of all discussions and theories I had in class?! Yes, my friend, you have to practically at the position of experiencing something to really know and understand it. 

Okey, I’m sure that there are a lot of people who appreciate Korean culture and make a blog like this one. I’m a little discouraged with it. It’s not than I’m competing with others, but I have a goal that need this to get known by others, somehow.

I know that this is a blog that provides gossip, updates, and all that stuffs about the K-pop. It’s not where you see music charts, upcoming drama/movie schedule, scandals, etc.  I just want people to know that we can take A LOT OF lessons from what we see and hear aside from being entertained and amused by them.

Wow.. I’m amazed how Korean culture has expanded their wings in such way that everybody, and I literally mean everybody, realize that it has some impact to the rest of the world. Yes, I know that this is the era of globalization with Internet Kingdom who reign over the world. But still, the fan based site, blog, forum and all about Korean culture come from all over the world. I think those entertainers play a big role in this ‘wow’ reality. Maybe I should make a study out of it?! *think dear you communication student! THINK! don’t let Mr. Marshall Mc Luhan be ashamed of you!*

Am I a little too late, am I dreaming too big? Would this be noticed?! How can I make this work?! THINK…How can I be different from the others?! THINK HARDER!

Okey.. one step of a time!

1. make sure you get your summer intern/volunteer to the radio/TV that Tante Rita has told you about!

2. Make sure that you get a Korean lesson in the summer! Eventhough you only get the once a week lesson, TAKE IT! *work hard, I know it’s a summer break but you gotta do what you gotta do!*

3. Keep on writing your thoughts, feed your curiousity, learn what you have to know! It’s okey that you have “competitions’ out there! But remember you are who you are! You know from the very start that this is.

5. Take a deep breath. This is only the beginning. Remember, you’ve chosen a realy harsh and competitive world to work in!

6. When you’re back to Vancouver. SAVE UP BIG TIME! so you can go to Korea and experience Korea first hand!

6. Smile!

4. Don’t forget to P.U.S.H (Pray Until Something Happens)!


No, you won’t be discouraged like this, and surely you won’t give up before you try?! rite!!! only you can make it happen! When there’s a will, there’s a way!

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