Korean Table Manners

Are you ready to dine somewhere with your Korean friends?! Ready to show off what you got?! or are you planning to go to Korea? I’ve gathered many information from my dear friend the internet about Korean table manners. There are so many of them, you have no trouble finding extra informations when you googled it. So, here what I’ve found and heard, just point out a few, enough to save your face! =) Since I’m raised with Asian culture, I know some of it, so I might left it out just because..

1. You should begin your meal only if the eldest has started first. You should also wait for the eldest to left the table before you’re allowed to go.

2. Never pick up your bowl of rice or soup

3. Do not leave your chopstick in your bowl, put it aside.

4. Eat with the same pace as the people eating on your table.

5. Drinking is highly valued for maintaining good relationship.

6. offers to pour drinks *with a good gesture, placing your left hand below your other elbow*. Dont let the others pour it themsself, especially your senior.

7. wait untill the glass is empty before re-filling

8. hold your glass with two hands when receiving drinks.

9. when drinking with elders, turn your body away a little bit.

According to Kevin 오빠, Korean usualy used the term ‘have you eaten yet‘ more often than the term ‘how are you’.He said this is the result of the war. At war times, people died from hunger, so whenever one saw each other they asked whether they had had their meal or not for it is the basic survival for human. The tradition carried on to show their concern to others. 

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