Rain – 비 – Hujan, a source of an inspiration

This admiration started from my k-drama addiction when I was still in Indonesia. I was watching Full House *from which, I started my self serious learning at Korean in concentrating how to master the three bear songs, taught by my friend’s bf who’s a korean. yeah I asked the translation as well. and yeah you may laugh out loud!*  when the 비 craze started to come and take over Asia, well.. at least it came in, to Indonesia. Everybody was like screaming his name and kinda mesmerized by his dance and all. How about me? well, my response was like, nah.. he’s okey, just alrite, nothing special for me. And soon I got scolding from my friends who had became his fans back then. I got a lot of  the ‘what are you saying? his so cool!!’s, ‘have you seen his dance, oh my gosh’s, and all that stuffs. 

See, I’m not the type of person who could easily fall for a star. Well, my only real obsession was Westlife when I went through all that growing up thing and rebellions and the hard times of being a teenager. And maybe with Kwon Sang Woo since my mom was a fan of him and fed me with his posters to be posted all over my bedroom wall *usually I could never posted anything there. My dad is kinda strict about that rule*. Or Jang Dong Gun, because All About Eve is my first fave K-drama/dream motivator of mine and he’s super good looking! =P.

I mean I can be a fan, but not that a great of fan that remebers every step and  everything that that star has made or making or WILL make. Anyhow, I’m not a faithful fan/super fanatic/obsessed type of fan *at least that how I see my self now*. I’m super picky.

So yeah , back to the 비 craze. I didn’t think he’s that good looking. And I didn’t listen to any of his music cause I couldn’t get any when I was back home. But now, he’s back! He’s current hair style suit him best! yeah..I think it’s the hair! HAHAHA. But there’s something more than just the look. There’s something glowing from inside. Something I didn’t know what. 

After watching 패밀이가 돘다 with 비 as the guest, I started looking for his other videos on YouTube. *Thx for the subber, or else I will get nothing =)*. I watched Yamshinmanman with the ‘new’ Him. I’m amazed with his personality and story. *once again, to hell with my knowledge of sugar coated image*. In my opinion, he deserved the fame in all over the world that he almost 100% get right now for he truly work hard for it. I think many fans will have to agree with me on this one. =)

His songs are actually great. His dance is unquestionabled. Still, I don’t like his old version style but I admire his strong will. I heard there are some turbulence here and there of him emerging to the US market?! Don’t worry. I believe you’ll make it for sure! You’re there already, no? with all your movie and stuffs. You’re just a prayer away from becoming a big hit there! *why am I writing as if He will actually read this.. 아!바보!* But by any 1/1. 000.000.000 chance that he will read this: Don’t make this one picky fan disappointed by giving up or changing to a real ‘bad boy’ *ah now that song stuck in my head!*! You’ve inspired many *including me* and given hope and motivation to many *again, me included* Just move forward with the love in your backpack now! 지훈 *his real name* 오빠 아자 ! ah, and your English is super great now! woot!

Yeah.. okey.. I’ll take my first impression away and I’ll say it. 비 is a great guy with good personality and…… handsome! There! I said it! =)

So here’s The profile I got from the official site  *gotta stick to the dependable source on this one!* This is the guy, a halyu star with blood and sweat he pours to keep the fire in the kitchen burning. HAHAHA *blabbering has started now.. >o<*

Not complete without a picture, eh?!



May your dreams showered by the rain of your hard work be fruitful. I can’t compete with billions of fans trying to say the same thing right to your face *to get noticed? no, I dare not put a hope like that* that ‘you’ve inspired me’. well, a prayer is stronger. One day, I hope I can work with you, or with people as outstanding as you. *maybe I should start translating my poems and make it into lyrics, no? yeah rite, dream on, girl.. dream on!*

The ninety and nine are with dreams, content. But the hope of the world made new, is the hundredth man who is grimly bent on making those dreams come true” 
-Edgar Allan Poe-


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