Emerge yourself to a culture – tips/self note

What all these recipes, reality shows, musics, have to do with learning Korean culture?!

Well.. so far, from what I heard and experienced my self we can emerge to a culture through

– food

– language

– music

– etc

A culture is a way of living, and language is a mind set of how a nation built their notions. 

When I tried to be fluent in English. I listened all boybands songs in English. I tried to pronounce it just like how the singer sing it. I tried to find every single words that I haven’t known the meaning yet in the dictionary. That should work for learning Korean too. But it’s even doubled the efforts. Find the hangul, try to read it/ pronounce it well, and then find the meanings!

In food and reality shows, you’ll find their way of live, popular pattern and trend! It’s not enough knowing who they are today. You also have to dig out who they were/where the culture came from. If you do this, you’ll get a bigger picture and understanding from what you’ve already seen!

If you’re learning Korean or any other culture, put yourself as a part of the culture. Not a stranger that just merely want to get to know a new culture. Well this means, you have to think Korean. If you still have a mind set that says you’re not IT than you will forever find your self  comparing everything to your own culture. You don’t want this to happen because this is not good. Why? because you can only know what they have without a deep understanding or furthermore emphaty of how it works and what it means. Believe me, you’ll confused your self!

Just accept the culture as it is without any prejudice or stereotype and comparison. Put your self in their shoes to avoid your self from growing any chauvinism of your own culture. Remember, they are who they are and you are who you are, each of  you were uniquely made.  Find something different to learn, not something similar to what you have/know and start arguing who had it first *like who invented the first tea ceremony* because suddenly you’ll start pointing fingers on who stole what from whom.

Entertainment may show you how a pop-culture works. But remember, they often are scripted and made to create a new value/trend in that culture.

Be like a white blank page, but a crtical one!

yes. that’s all for now. tips for you and my self! =) That requires a very hard work, I know! But It’s all gonna be worth it in the end..


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