I Surely Remember the Day I Made 떡볶이

포장마차 (pojangmacha) or South Korean street stall‘s food always makes me drools. It strarted by watching Korean dramas that show off their pojangmacha’s specialties like 떡볶이 (tteokbokki).One day, one of my friend showed me a Korean blog that displays thousands of picture of this delicious food!!! *double drolls*. Then, I started wanting this food. Then Eric 오빠 and Helena took me to 마당골 (ma dang goul) on Denmann St, Vancouver. I could tell you a thousand times, that the spicy rice cake was really good! 

Tteokbokki is now popular as a snack. However, It used to be a dish that contains other ingredients like meat. Wiki says “In its original form, which was then known as gungjung tteokbokki, was a dish served in the royal court and regarded as a representative example of haute cuisine”. Amazing how they promoted the royal court dish as a common food, eh? After the korean war, the spicy snack version of this food was starting to get more and more popular. And I can find more of 떡볶이 and many variations of it in Vancouver now! =) *YES*

Years after I went to 마당골, I wanted to try to make it myself. My friend wanted it too, so we decided to cook at my apartment. So.. as far as I remember, this is our spicy rice cake’s recipe:


– silinder rice cake

– kochujang (korean red pepper paste)

– chicken (or others) powder/broth

– you can add some vegetables if you like (scallions, onions)

– fish cake 오뎅 (If you just want to use the rice cake is fine)

– sugar

How to cook:

– if you have vegetables, stir fry it first

– add water and chicken powder/broth

– simmer it on medium-low 

– add the rice cake

– add gochujang and a little bit of sugar

– boil it until it gets thick

– enjoy while its warm!


– they now sell ready made sauce. you can simply boil the rice cake add the sauce and voila!

– if you have leftovers, warm it up on a pan, add a little bit of water and reboil it because the rice cake will get harden over night.

– add ramen, boiled egg, fish cake to your liking!

– adding sugar will help eliminating the bitterness of the red pepper paste 

[image: credit to wikipedia]

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