The difference between my knowledge as a communication student and my personal thoughts on the K-entertainment world

As a communication student I’m demanded to be critical in retrieving any information from any media available. It is our, communication students, responsibility to critically analyzed the medium and its messages. We have to know how a medium and it’s coverage control or shape its audiences and their interaction patterns and values. We also need to have a closer look on how it’s made, what aspects were used, who influences what, the main purpose, etc, ettc. Something we see on TV, per se, might have many hands that shaped it, wanting to deliver their agent of persuasion, like trying to persue a certain set of image or to sell advertisement in disguise, or persuing a new trend. That being said, I hope it’s clear that I know that every entertainment shows, although it’s called the reality show, are scripted.  I know that they have certain purposes and concept to fulfill. How the show is served to our table is all planned. Even though they claim to be spontaneous, it still follows certain act of conduct to be worth broadcasted and fit  perfectly in the framework of the ‘station’s vision and mision. I also know that actors, singers, and all public figure, in one or many ways, have their public and personal potrayal. They might create their public persona so perfect that makes us swayed in the craze of certain pop-idol.

However, I have my own personal thoughts that will ignore the rule of thumb of the communication study. I will definitely comments all things that I see based own my will to know more about Korea. In other words, this blog is a place where I put my affection towards anything. I will also comment on those public figures from my own personal reflections, ignoring the gossips and the before-after image that netizens usually debate on it. It’s scripted and framed, I know! but still they left certain impression and inspiration to me that will build up my love of this K-world. I will judge its content not the complicated process.

In this case, being ignorant is the best solution. HAH!

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