About @edreaMJ

Welcome to @edreaMJ on wordpress.

You probably wonder, what good can it bring from being a squared-eyes girl (read: k-drama junkie)? Well that’s something that everyone around me ask. But it’s also the whole point of this blog.

Hi! My name is Medarda Edrea Joseph, on the cyber world I prefer to go by my middle name: Edrea.

Born and raised in Indonesia, and moved to Canada at a tender age of 17, Living in diversity is no stranger to me. And as a middle child, I’m shaped to be braver than my siblings and to think that it’s cool to be different *pondering upon life from the simplest things and making analogies out of it are included in this category*.

Whenever I’m not stars *literal stars, not k-stars* gazing and/or running around in the maze of learning all about Korea, I love trying out new things (mostly d.i.y projects), volunteering for non-profit organizations, doing MC-ing on the side and singing my heart out with a choir or an acapella group.

Socially awkward *extroverted introvert*, and much better with written words. But if you bring up d.i.y projects, indie music, and cultural things, I might be able to be as talkative as you would want me to.

I am a strong supporter and believer of paying things forward, #DGiC (Doing Good is Contagious) and #LiveforSomethingGreater.



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